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Hello everyone,

I wasn't relic hunting but I believe thats what I found. I was out hiking the hills and walking up ravines in search of ol'yeller yesterday. I came across old diggin's where they(old timers) had set up an operation high on a hill in a ravine. It looks like they were dry washing into the ravine and moved a lot of muck before moving on. They didn't leave any gold behind. . . but instead left these old cans and this little man. I believe the round can was condensed milk or something like that and the 'house' can I'm not sure what it is. Maybe an old 'Log Cabin' pancake syrup? How old do you think these cans are?

The little man I can't figure what it might of come off. The base of looks like it might of set in something and then you twist it in order to secure it in place. Any ideas???

Thats what I like about metal detecting... when it beeps.... you never know what its going to be. No gold... but had fun just the same.

Take care,




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Thanks Grubstake, I really had no idea what date to place on it. I'll put it on the shelf by some old bottles and a coffee pot lid that was 2' down. I found that coffee pot lid last year and got really excited when I had to remove a basketball size rock off the top of it at about 1.5' down. The condenced milk can is no biggie!! I was just surprised it wasn't all shot up or dented like all the others. That little man is still get-in my goat.


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Hey Frank, The other side of the lil'man is 3 dimensional as well (full figured if you will) I was thinking it might of come off a toy... But high on a hill with nothing else around. It could of been from the prospectors child I'm guess-in.

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