Since I Haven't Been Able To Get Away From Work, I Started A Blog On BBQ

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This isn't prospecting related (except that I can't seem to get away from work to go prospecting so this is what I've been doing to keep myself from going nutz watching all you guys find gold), but I've really REALLY gotten into cooking some killer bbq in the last few years. I've recently upgraded my equipment (after my old keg-style smoker rusted out :( ) and found a whole world of accessories that just have blown me away. The blog site is and so far, I'm having a ball. Please keep in mind, the blog is in its infancy. I've got quite a ways to go to get it up to where I want it.

If ya take a look, leave me a comment and let me know what you think, k?




Rob, would you mind me putting in a link to nuggethunting dot com?

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Bob, one of my biggest hopes is to head out with my Minelab 705, puffer drywasher, dual-fuel stove, prospecting and food supplies (heavy on steaks, taters, ice and JW Red! LOL), and my Weber Silver and charcoal. Unfortunately, the claims I can get to in a few hours all have fire restrictions in place which means no open fires and smoking ciggies allowed only inside your vehicle or in an enclosure. Bummer! It's been soooooooooo hot out here that our Jack Russel Terrier sits still and holds up a sign to the squirrels in the neighborhood that says "Consider yourselves chased!" LOL The drought here just keeps on keeping on. Sooo, I keep on doing the back yard thing.


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Keg style smoker rusted out? Strike number one! Gotta have good equipment! Get with Rex 'Goliath' on these forums; he makes a stainless steel real keg bar-b-q that I use to smoke all the time. Love it!

Have seen him cook for 20+ people on it. I know it's really a bar-b-que but works for me. Need to know how to smoke a brisket? check w/ Bill Southern, did the best I've ever had!

Good Luck, Shep

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Thanks for all the comments. :) Shep, I used that little keg style for almost 6 years. Got it on sale at Academy Sports in San Antonio and brought it back to SE NM. I cooked it's heart out for me!

deathray, thanks for the bookmark. I put up a couple of more posts is 3 recipes, the other is how NOT to do a ribeye roast! :(

Calling Bill Southern!! You around still? How bout a recipe for brisket??? Pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee!!! :) I have yet to be able to do a brisket totally on the smoker. Always seem to end up finishing it in the oven the last couple of hours. TIA


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Kajun, might try Bill over on his forum. He did a 14#'r for a big group at LSD. It lasted maybe 10 minutes?? I kind of like good beef; it was almost comparable w/ Bunks Prime Rib roast many years ago at Rye Patch. Sorry Bill, about the almost as good ;-)

As for your 'Keg style' Bar-b-q, look up Rex Goliath on one of these forums. I believe his would last a lifetime. Absolutely no sign of wear even on the grille racks! I use mine 3-4 times a week. Gotta beat me to the next one; neighbor across the road wants one. ;-)

Take care, Shep

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Shep, looks like it's gonna be a while before Bill's gonna feel like talking (or typing) bbq. My best wishes and prayers for his quick recovery!

I went up to a little get together last Saturday at a friend's place. He's been entering local bbq contests. The last one, he and his team placed 4th. Not bad, considering he's only done about 3 others before. He gave me a few really good tips/hints that I tried out on Father's Day. Got a little description on my blog at and this is the best ribs I've ever cooked.

He also said that about 7 hours should do it for brisket.....and finish it in the oven for the last 3 hours at about 225. So I've not been doing as badly as I thought.

Work has gone insane for me.....which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've gotten a few training classes under my belt that should certify me to do audits/surveillances/inspections of big rig trucks that DOE uses to haul waste and other stuff around. Plus my regular work has skyrocketed doing my usual audits and surveillances. It's not looking like I'm going to be doing any prospecting until about October or November, and that'll be up around Carrizozo or White Rock, NM. GPAA has a couple of new claims up there I need to try out. Of course, by then, it'll be so darn dry and hot that the Forest Service will prolly close off all the forest area up there! Sometimes if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all. LOLOL

I sure enjoy reading about other folks' luck and trips here, though. Keep 'em coming! Thanks for a great site, Rob!

. :)


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Hey kajun
After reading your posts I got to thinkin about my old rusty camping bbQ (small portable) and decided I needed a new one.
Im workin on a new mini BBQ/smoker as we speak. all stainless steel build,
the plan is a duel fuel, gas (propane)or wood/charcoal.
When I lived in nor/cal I used to do a lot of smokin, OK no jokes here Im talkin about meat.
Anyway I'll list the details of the build when I get it done both here and on your new blog.
take care AzNuggetBob

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Bob, hope you're gonna post some pics of your cooker. And yeah, yeah, yeah, northern california, 70s to 80s and all you're smokin' is meat. Right. I believe you. Honest I do! ;) LOL

I'll be looking forward to your posts, as will several others. Right Rob?? Maybe we can get Bill Southern to do a post or 3 while he's recuperating. Bill, you catching any of this?? :)


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Yep TXKajun I was up there around that time and had a blast in Norcal, lots of gold up there too. ;):P

Anyway Im taking photos as I go on the build and I'll post em.. dont get me wrong this is not going to be full scratch build,

I dont have that much time on my hands and if nothin else some of the info here can give readers an idea about buying or building their next grill.

Its just going to be a camper table top BBQ/smoker. Ive been giving it some thought, I didn't want to make to many mistakes.

I hate patchin up all those holes. :o:)

I do agree those little Keg grills work great too. Ive seen them used a lot in the past.

So I ran into a pretty good deal (greedbay) on a new small stainless charcoal/wood only barrel type BBQ but it was missing a few small

parts but I got it cheap but no big deal I'll just make em. vent covers etc.

that's why I like pop rivits you dont even need a welder just a cheap pop rivit gun and a drill..

Its 16"X12" so your not putting a leg of lamb on this little sucker but It will smoke a nice roast, marinaded prime rib,cheese or even all the fish you can eat.

I decided to just canibalize (reporpose) my old coleman dual burner 1Lb. bottle propane stove for the build. the burners will be mounted to the bottom. there just sitting under it loose in the photo.

The stainless box with the holes is a smoker box.

I still need several more parts to finish this off, ignitors,burner cover,stainless pop/blind rivits etc..

I was going to wait till it was farther along but here is some photos of some of the parts so you can get an idea.

Take care all, AzNuggetBob

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Got home abit ago, 110d on deck. Gotta work tomorrow, so pulled a half rack out of fridge and put out by barbq (after rubbing down). Lit coals 20 minutes ago and just put ribs on. Ambient temp out, ribs should be done in another 20 minutes!!

Happy 4th all and remember the reason!


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Hi all I got some more time to work on the BBQ so this is my version of a homemade duel fuel BBQ,

"wood charcoal/propane".

Im going to start out by saying I'm not a big fan of charcoal lighter fluid.

I see a lot of people splash lighter fluid all over their BBQ. it soaks into the soot and oil buildup inside your BBQ/smoker and if your not careful with it can can make everything you cook smell and taste bad.

that being said the best way I've seen to use lighter fluid on charcoal is use a Chimney Charcoal Starter.

soak it off your grill and then light it on your grill.

it also gets the charcoal going much faster really burns off the fluid.

This is way to avoid using charcoal lighter fluid.

The key is to use a good propane/wood charcoal BBQ/smoker, and its heat plate design is very important. it keeps the ash and meat drippings off your burners.

I like this because Id rather not have to wast time cleaning burners the next time I want to use it. just dump the ash and go for it.

The one I chose only had the 4 slots in the corners so I drilled the other 1/2" holes down the side to help in lighting and in this case because Im using dual burners it also helps distribute the heat more evenly if your short on good cooking wood and cooking with propane only..

you can even light or re-light your charcoal,tinder,gathered wood or smoker wood blocks with the propane just by setting it along the edge were the holes are.

The black layout lines in the photos are done with a sharpie pen, not to worry if your customizing a nice looking Stainless Steel BBQ and don't want the pen lines to show a little acetone

(finger nail polish remover)on a rag takes them right off.

As I mentioned before the burners/air mixing chambers and 1#pound propane bottle regulators came from an old propane camp stove.

I wanted the burners to sit flush with the bottom of the BBQ so no sparks or ash that may slip past the burner plate could fall through out the bottom.

I drilled the burner holes with a bymetal hole saw, 1-3/8" fit well nice and tight. I just eye ball it straight with the black layout lines and drill the first of four holes on the burner mounting bracket

install a SS rivet and washer and then drill the other three holes and rivet them. I also use rivet washers on sheet metal it doubles the pull out strength.

The lower vent air vent adjusters were also missing so I made two out of scrap black anodized aluminum sheet I had. I may have to add more air holes to keep temps down and supply enough air to keep the wood burning.

also I like to control air from the bottom vents and I always leave the top vents open. you need a good strong chimney effect for smoking. some people even use fans on larger BBQ's.

The door swing stops were also missing so I bent these out of some old s.s.kabob skewers I had.

I installed an aftermarket piezo (red) push button igniter (about an 1/8" gap is best on most electrode tip spacing) and because of the heat plate the flame should cross over to the second burner without to much problem.

I put in the temp gauge because I don't like to do a full smoke over about 200 drys out the meat too much before its well smoked.

I would have mounted it more toward the center but it has a 2" probe on the back and I didn't want it to come down on a roast or whole chicken when I close the lid. space is limited on this camping BBQ/smoker and I'm trying to make use of every inch.

For regular BBQ of lets say a steak and if your like me and like them semi charred and medium rare no gauge needed the hotter the better.

The manufacturer intended for this BBQ to be opened and laid flat and cooked on both halfs so they supplied two grills. I got to playing with it and realized I could easily insert

the second grill inside under the main grill with about 2-1/2" clearance so your not going to be able fit anything large with a regular BBqing on it but this basically

doubled the smoking surface area for smaller things like fish fillets,steaks,BB-ribs,and one of my favorites sweet/hot marinaded jerky.

Ive got some split sweet Almond wood(one of my favorites for smoking)and a rack of pork ribs with a home made sweet-hot and spicy dry rub to break this BBQ/smoker in.

I found the missing parts BBQ, and most of the other build parts on ebay.Total build costs about $75.00

Ive had a lot fun putting this camping BBQ together hope you enjoyed it too.

Happy Grilling, AzNuggetBob

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Dang, Bob, that is beeyootifulllll!!! Only thing, you're gonna have to have a really good pair of sunglasses if you're gonna use it in the sun! LOLOL

Wish I was "crafty" enough to do stuff like that. I buy the accessories and use them....and get a lot of pleasure out of, you sure do great work!

Thanks for the pics.


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By the way, I said a few weeks ago that I didn't receive your blog posts. Well, the problem seems to have been solved, and I'm so happy about it, even if it makes me gain weight by trying all your wonderful recipes.

Hi, I am working for a kitchen images blog for my client. The client is asking to redesign product images and add a transparent look to each product. Which is the best version to edit images in a transparent way?

Here s the link. Thanks in advance

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