WOO HOOO!!!!! New USMiner Video

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Heeeee's baaaaaaaaack!!!!! :D

Wooo hoooo boy n goyles... grab the popcorn..... USMiner's back with another super awesome video. You may recall all his HUGE nugget find videos (check out the rest of his channel for those). I'm pretty sure I've watched them all at least a dozen times, great info, very motivating to get out there and dig big nuggets.

Don't miss his GPZ/GPX with Evo coil video...

Nice to see you back Jason...... keep them coming.




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It is the way to go. Back in the 1980/81 we used to check  aerial photo in the golden triangle for puddling dams and surfacing areas (striped of trees). This was one way of finding spots that others might not of found. I then used the mines department record and databases. This lead me to get all the pre 1950 gold mines and put them in my own database (google .......historical-gold-mines-in-google-earth) which I made available for Ozi gold prospector. As a hobby it has made my gold chasing well worth while.  



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