SOLD. For sale 2018 Chevy 2500hd diesel 7000 miles lower price

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2018 Chevy 2500 HD 6.6 diesel 4x4 crew cab, short box ONLY 7000 MILES, diamond aluminum folding tonneau, running boards towing package

The easy way no leather, no sun roof , I don't think it is missing anything

This is like new, I drove home from dealer, wife drove ever since

49750.00 save money new price add sales tax. 48000.00

Call 920-946-2249

Thanks , Roger



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Lower price
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What does this have to do with metal detecting?? No offense but if you can post cars here maybe we should all just post our yard sale stuff here too. Try Craigslist, ebay, autotrader, etc.... I dont come here to see car ads.

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I didn't ask you to look at the ad

Read the title it told you what the ad was about

You can use the truck to haul out your rv for a weekend or more to stay in while prospecting

What do you take out for prospecting a Prius do you have enough ground clearance

How do you haul out your equipment drywasher, shovels, picks, hi backer pumps, motor, water tub for recirculating, lots of water for recirculating system, buckets, and the list goes on



Nobody else had a problem with it the subject was quite clear don't look if not interest would be my suggestion

Me I hope people list other things I might not know that I need

I hope this explains what 4x4 pickup has to do with prospecting

Gold nuggets for sales don't have anything medal detecting in led you bring them along to throw out to find them again

No offence but I think something put you in a bad mood , so you had to let your frustration out , and I got in the way

I have been there done that

Hope your beeps are 22k big ones

Good luck


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