Question about a new type of metal detector....Need guidance

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Hello,I have been studying gold detectors and a German company produces a GER gold detector that detects gold from a large distance. I have seen videos and it looks but but I wanted to talk with you guys to see what you think.I have a Garret ATX deepseeker now and a gold hog, I am building my army of equipment. 

This is the item

I am not trying to put spam trust me...

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They the company has alot of gullible people buying there product, Most of these so called detectors are just a plastic box, with one or two crome plated radio antenas, and a place for a batter and a meter, , mounted on a handle with bearings on it so it will turn, I've seen them, I've held them, they won't find anything, .too bad Jim Straight has passed, he could set you right, Grubstake

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