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Yeh I got AZO to load up, but while waiting, went and had two cups of coffee and a couple of smokes, Bills would only load up part way, and it took way longer. Robs loads for me almost instantly and so does AZ Goldprospectors and DOC's. Grubstake

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Well, Geez, guys...there seems to be a pattern here...Everytime Bill is known to be heading off to the wilds of nugsterland and away from his puter for a while, his site goes down, like damn near the moment he leaves...Could there be an "I.T." in the woodpile here???? Highly suspecious to me...How bout you???... Cheers, Unc

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Same here guys can't pull up either one :( Sound the alarm, is there's a 'sub' down there taking aim???? :blink: Batten the hatches and ...........I guess we all have to wait until it's fixed by those 'rascals' that abandoned their watch to find those ellusive golden targets :unsure:

Best to all

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Hi all,

i had the same thoughts as Unc. Ron, but attributed it to my computer acting up.

I need to get back to replacing my Chebby pickup water pump :angry: ...the cats in the hood were enjoying the green Koolaid under my truck, till I discovered the leak.. :(


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