Thousand dollar day today.

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Teleporter my ass---don't take that literally. ;)

Now where is that road atlas,hgy.95?

Hello hello, American Airlines? How many weeks for a seat?

Hey Bob T. ole buddy, when are we, excuse me, are you going again? :P

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Hey Ron-Flak-Graimpo and anyone else,

Here is what happens with the treasure hunt. Its open to anyone who wants to hunt and cost nothing.

There is a guy here who owns Desert Gardens, RV Park and sales. For the last 16 yrs. he has had this treasure hunt for anyone who wants to hunt and he has it two times per year. A spring hunt and a fall hunt.

There is only one restriction. If and when you find the treasure you are restricted from hunting in the following hunt. In other words since I found it this spring I will not be able to hunt in the fall hunt. After that I can hunt again.

Before the hunt starts he will usually hide $250.00 worth of quarters [bulk] and usually in a plastic grocrey bag. This time he hid only $100.00 worth and they were rolled, but it makes a smaller package so is harder to find.

These quarters are hid within the city limits and always on public property [bLM].

The quarters are never buired or covered with dirt, rock or anything else, they are always in plain sight. They may be in a tree or a bush or behind a rock or in the rocks.

Sounds easy but its not. I have saw this hunt run from three weeks to as long as three months, before someone would find them. I have talked to people that come from Yuma, Blyth Ca. and Parker to look for them.

Every week on Mon. morning, usually around 9 or 10 o'clock, he will put out a new clue, until the quarters are found. You can stop by his office and pick one up.

A clue may say that the quarters are hid about 33 steps from a road. Another clue may say that they are hid 33 steps from a paved road or gravel road.

You have to be careful to read the clues carefully. This time, one of the clues said that they were hid within a hundred feet of a paved road. There is a lot of difference in saying that they are hid 100 feet from a road or within a hundred feet of a road.

I have been very lucky and found them three times.

The first two times paid $1100.00 each. The reason being, later on the hunt he will make an addition to a clue that says that if you will pick up two 30 gal. garbage bags of road trash and turn them in before finding the quarters you will receive an additional $100.00 for a total of $1100.00. Its not hard to fill a bag as there are washes where you can fill one in 15 or 20 min., or less.

If and when you find them, there will be a business card in the bag with something written on it [not always the samething], you take the booty and card to his office and he will write you a check for, in this case, an additional $900.00.

Thats it in a nutshell. Maybe I will see you in the field next time. Well not the next time but in the Spring hunt.

Bob T.

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