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I sure wish I had one to get to the top of that darned hill, its about to do Shep and me in, walking. He has a quad, but can get Larry to give us the go a head to ride, its his patch, kinda, he located it from some research I did, but has yet to find a nugget. So even though its on BLM and I'm the one finding all the gold, I have to respect his wishe's. I wish they would change. I will loook if I have a instruction book on a 2200sd, here somewhere. I will send it to you, I'm never selling mine, as it was a gift. From my uncle. So I really don't need the book, if I can find it. Give me your address. Send it to my email. [email protected] Grubstake

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The guy at the store said the red jeep, cost over $200,000.00 to build, and about that every six months or so just to haul and maintain. I don't think there is that much gold in my patch. But I can dream. Grubstake

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