ROBS Alaska Trip

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Rob, we all know you are going to moore Creek this coming June, I want to wish you great luck, and I will bet, that you are going to come home with at least a 5 oz nugget. Just have a good feeling for that number, not all together, your total, but at least one nugget all in one chunk. I think your total will be in the 8-9 oz range. Reno Chris will do well too, with Gaine coming in close on your heels. Good luck to you all. Grubstake

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yeh, Lamar. Its kinda like asking what the difference between a SEA Story and a Fairy tail. The difference is a Firy Tail starts "Once upon A time' a Sea Story starts"No This is No Sh-t" They are big and hurt like hell when you get nailed by one. I was up in Alberta Canada, and had on long underwhear, ans a long sleeve shirt, and a levy jacket. I was unloading a truck, and before I could get the tarp and chains off, my back was fullof welps, from the bits. Now thats the truth on that. I saw o the history channel, where they swam carabou, and get in the breathing passages, and some die. Thats pretty bad. They were very bad in Viet Nam also. Grubstake

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