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Good Evening one and all.

It's been almost a month since I've been to the mine to work. Well Thurs. nite I get a call from Joe who says he is coming out Friday to do some work. I said sure but remember it's getting hot. Joe, Mike and Paul show up at my house about 3pm and Joe has his new Hermit Pick with him. He wanted to do some field testing and see how well it work. So here we go off to the mine. First thing I noticed, this is no pick for wimps. We set up camp and Joe went to work while Mike and I tried to keep the bee's at bay. Paul, he is in the truck(the only smart one) cuz they liked him alot. Well for me I became the piped piper of the bee's. Everywhere I went so did the bee's.

Sometime in the nite we had a visit from the mid-nite hi-grader but the bee's wouldn't follow him. Actually the bee's went home when the sun went down. All in all we had a very good work day and a half. The new Hermit Pick performed very well and we managed to dig up a very large area of workable material(the picture show's the material that was pulled up). We had a visit from a young man whom I've been e-mailing information to. He and his wife jumped right in and went to work helping Jeff and myself. I've attached a few pctures for you viewing pleasure. One is "WELL" self explanatory and speaks for itself. The last picture is of my Grandson on his second time out with me. He ran all his own material and panned it also.


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Hey 29,

Looks like you guys had a great time out there. The yeller's not so shabby either. Makes it worth your time.

What the heck is that on that bucket?? Is it bees?? Man-O-Man I could do without that. Unless I could find the honey comb around somewhere.

What was the temp.? We had two days this week that it hit 106 and 107.

Hope to go out for three days again this week. Still looking for that virgin spot. May tap one of the hard hit areas if I get time.

Good luck on your next trip. The photos were great. Thanks for sharing.

Bob T.

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I wrote an answer on the 'other' forum where you posted this...

All I can add is that no wonder we haven't heard much from Joeforthegold for awhile.

(he's been busy)

I am looking forward to hearing how that 'pick' worked.

It must have been a good time.

I am just imagining how it must have looked going up that 'road'...

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Bob T,

The weather has been slowly climb up the ladder. Friday it was 100 degrees and the temp only dropped 25 degrees that nite. It got hot saturday very quickly. Joe packed it up about noon and headed down the hill. Jeff and I stayed til 5pm. Bing and his wife came up for some training and fun was had by all. I think that our working hours are going to change to 5pm to 2am or 4am to noon. The bucket of bee's was just one spot sit out we had 3 that were just as bad.



Yo David, I missed you out there. But if you want to come out again please see above times. You don't even want to go out in this mid day. I think maybe mid Sept. would be a good time to plan a trip to the Hole.


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Hey Bob,

Looks like you have a new toy (backhoe). When did you get that and how well does it work for you?



The little Hermit Pick belongs to Joeforthegold. It's very small, and can move alot of material. It has its limits, but joe pushed her hard and she responded very well.

Its a good thing that you didn't come out. The weather is getting hot. Hope to see you around the end of September.


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