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Got It today ROB, thank you for your fast service SIr. it is greatly apreciated. Now I can give the BOYS at Rye Patch a run for there money. I know there is a big Chevron nugget there with my name on it. thanks Grubstake

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Dear grubstake;

You're probably going to like the Wallaby very much. It's the numero uno coil in my quiver now and it seems to be very forgiving in hot ground yet it stays super sensitive to those tiny bits of color. Mine is a DD Pro and I've found that I can swing it quite a bit faster than a mono without any danger of overlooking nuggies. I've also discovered that the most sensitive spots on the coil are the forwardmost and rearwardmost 1" on the toe and heel respectively, straight down the centerline of the coil. This really helps when pinpointing. Good luck with your new coil, and as always I look forward to a report from you about your opinions on using it. I've come to value your opinion and thoughts highly, on matters gold related and non gold related.

Your friend;


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Hey Grubstake

You'r going to love the Wallaby!

I got my Wallaby DD from Rob about 2 weeks ago and it Rocks!

You wouldn't believe how loud small targets are and when you switch over to Mono, you can't miss them.

I have been very successful finding birdshot with this coil :blink:

This is a great coil and you'll have a hard time putting it down.

Start shaking in your boots, Grubstake has a Wallaby :o

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Well mine is a 2200sd, so if I run a DD you have a DD, no switch for mono mode. But If its have as good as the Platypus, then I'm going to love it. Friday will tell the story. speaking of stories, I'm taking my camara and will have show and tell on Tuesday when I get back home. Hopefully some gold pictures. Grubstake

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