Moore Creek Nugget Map

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Hi Guys,

OK, the nugget map at has been updated... sort of. There appears to be a gap between the 1.9 oz nugget and the pile lower down where the 6.54 oz nugget and the fact is that whole area produced nuggets from one side to the other. The problem is I do not know in most cases which nuggets where found where from last summer, and so have only been able to note the dozen I do know of. The bottom line is there still could be nuggets almost anywhere at Moore Creek.

Maybe Rob or Glenn or Rich can give us more info?

Steve Herschbach

Moore Creek Mining LLC

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Thanks Steve! Wow, so close but yet so far. Rob, Glenn and I were on the 3 piles very near where that famous 25oz'er was found but do not think any of us hunted that pile, unfortunately. Many more yet to be hunted this year and who knows what will be waiting...hope not some hungry bears! See you in June!

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I spent about 15 minutes on that pile, where the big one was found, one day and decided to head back to camp for dinner or something like that. I guess I'll always say I should of stayed but didn't, that's the way things go.

See you soon,

Keith :(

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