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Hi all,

Just visited a couple of interesting websites, in order to keep the subject alive and in your thoughts, (does it ever leave??????????) I will post two websites for you to visit, and there are other links that you can find therein, that will open your eyes to the plans the invaders have in store, for the future of you, your loved ones, and the United States of America.


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Largo. Prescott has been invaded big time in the last six months. One large neighborhood has been completely taken over and the graffitti is showing up all over. Never saw any just a year ago. Today 2 people were beat almost to death in broad daylight with chains by a bunch of Hispanic gang bangers right in the Albertsons parking lot. 2 years ago my police scanner was a real bore to listen to. Now it squacks non stop with assaults and robberies . Our nice clean low crime cities are getting fewer and fewer and it's happening fast. Our politicians who live in gated high security neighborhoods don't have to deal with this and just ignore it . Our middle class neighborhoods where most Americans live have become war zones. Forget about terrorists, forget about Iran , the real problem is right in our backyard. That reminds me, I'd better go get my detector out of the car.----Bob

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Here's a link that allows them to send a brick for you. This option made it very convenient for me. I most likely would not have gotten around to sending bricks myself.

If you do send bricks yourself, you can do it more cheaply though by using the new United States Postal Service flat rate boxes. Items can be shipped for a flat rate of $8.10 USD regardless of the weight, just as long as they fit in the box. For example, I once shipped 25 pounds of fossil algae that fit in these boxes.

Hopefully, they will get more bricks than they would know what to practically do with them. I wish they would get enough to do something useful such as building a fence. I usually don't like spending money on political things of this sort. However, I just finished sending off one brick each to our two senators and one to the congressman. At least they know what I think even if they may not think much of the message.


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That is a sad observation.

I can see it happening here too.

We have a statistical crime rate of zero in Topanga Canyon where I live.

Recently there has been a string of car break-in's and robberies.

There are only three ways into the canyon, it's hard for anyone to commit

a crime and "get away"...but recently these low level but nonetheless nasty crimes

are rising.

We have a very large hispanic contingent that

comes up here every day looking for day-work.

A majority of them are illegals.

With every incremental rise in the number of these 'workers',

the rate of trashy area's and petty crimes also increases.

The majority of these people, I have to say, are not like that.

But more and more each week, as the numbers increase

there are more people that are not getting work.

Not only because the larger influx of people means more of them will not get work,

but also because the citizens are using these workers less,

as it seems the illegal alien situation is finally reaching the general population here.

But for our little neighborhood, it certainly doesn't look good.


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