OHV (Off Highway Vehicle Use)

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Public use, of public land is again under assult by another governmental agency. Another tax is going to be put on the public for using any vehicle off the asphalt. This will include you Family Car, PU, ATV's, Motorcycles, or any other motorized vehicle to access public lands in Arizona. :angry:

You are very close to being required a special sticker on ALL Vehicles on public lands. This could possibly cost you as much as $50 Per Vehicle per year! :angry:

Check out this program before it is to late!

Purposed Off Highway Vehicle Copper Sticker Program

Make Sure you download and read the purposed legislation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Same here in Ca. but I went to the website and put my 2cents in, made a good point, that we have it here already and the only ones that benifit from the money paid is the inviromentalist. no trail improvements or anything like that. And if they are going to honor the out of state stckers we already paid for when we go to AZ. Grubstake

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Guest Bandana Don

Morning ALL: This proposed Copper Plate Act is npt going to do one bit of good except generate more taxes on OHV owners. I'd much rather see a REQUIRED MC LICENSE PLATE for ALL ATV's.

When I owned and operated an ATV my ATV was licensed as street legal. I would also favor a required temporary license registration for all out of state ATV's operated in Arizona.

Then too there should be a required license plate to be sispended from the ass-end of all horses when operating off highway !!!

This Copper Plate proposal is pure BS.


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