Hey Grubby

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Just saw Jayray, on Bill's forum in the classified, has a deal on an MXT. Just a thought! ;)

Had a very good friend (100) who has since passed on to the golden hills, who didn't really beleive man made it to the moon. Maybe you don't beleive the 3500 is as good as it is??? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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You would have to be pretty good to tape one on my coils, I keep them hidden in my spare room. some don't have coil covers, not the proto types anyway. Grubstake

By the way SHEP, make sure you park close SAT. I got that SKUNK all bagged up for you! I don't want to have to carry him to far, he's a BIG ONE! :P:P:P Grubstake

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Talked to Gerry this morning, didn't remember which number you gave me that was wrong. He's not going to be able to go out tomorrow; has a prior commitment. Maybe you won't be intimidated or struck with aw w/ a whites around. :rolleyes:

See you in morning, Shep

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