A hero is Lost

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Rob, If this shouldn't be post here, I'll understand you removing it.

The letter below is from a Mother who has Lost her oldest Son in Iraq. Our famlies have been so close for 40 some years, that this is as if I lost my own son. I hope that we see that, yes a whole new generation is willing to take up the torch and defend our country. This is not about Iraq right or wrong, but a mother's love loss.

O'29er in 29

Hi...I can't remember if I wrote back to you or not...everything is a huge, horrible blur...

Thank you for writing to me...so many people that I don't know have written, sent food, cards...it is all so sweet...reaching out to me in this time of deep pain and unbelief.

I saw my Seth yesterday. I didn't know it was going to be an option, given the nature of the accident he was in...so I had resigned myself to the fact that that wasn't an option...then yesterday the funeral director called me and told me that I could come spend some time with my boy. It felt like my heart was getting crushed all over again as I dealt with the feelings and thoughts that accompany an invitation like that...

All the way to the funeral home, and all the way up the aisle...I was SURE that when I looked in the face of the soldier lying in that casket, I would see that this was a mistake...that I could finally wake up...but I couldn't wake up...

It was my Seth. The freckles, his handsome, strong face, his nose that looks like mine....I wept. How could this be true? He looked so still. Like him, but not like him. I wanted to hold him, to warm him...but I couldn't...it was very, very sad...my heart that had broken so many times that week, broke again.

He was all dressed in his uniform, all his badges and medals in perfect place...a beret on his bandaged, shaved head, white gloves on his hands, gun-metal casket with the American Flag draped over it and neatly folded back...oh he was so handsome, so strong...and I was so proud.

There is no sacrifice greater than that of a life. There is no greater loss than that of a life. There is nothing that makes one more proud than that of one's life...the spectrum of emotion swings wide from one side to the other...from incredible sorrow to immense pride.

I had the privilege to be this brave young mans mom...to hold him and love him and teach him to walk and read, to teach him to love learning and to be curious about life and things...to have a heart of compassion and love people...it was my privilege to be part of that with him. He was a fine big brother...they all were rough and tumble together...challenging each other to be better than each other and themselves. He was a fine friend...as I've seen thru this last week...I think I've become mom to about 20 more kiddos, and they have been there everyday...especially 3 of them...

Today there will be a ceremony honoring him and his life...with pictures and music that reflect the many memories we all have of him...I know there will be tears everywhere...the presentation is wonderful...I had the honor of looking at it yesterday...it captures my angel so, so well...

Until I see you all again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers, love and support...you have all shown amazing compassion to my boys and I...

Hold each other extra tight, see something wonderful in those you love, tell them about it...be safe and know that I love you all.


Thanks for taking the the time to read this.

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O'29er: You have every right to post that here.

It is heart wrenching to even think about what that Mother and family is going through right now.

I am greatly saddened too, because of the sacrifice our great soldiers are making every day.

The thoughts of what could have been for them is lost to the eternities.

I thank you for sharing, and reminding us all to appreciate more fully every day what we have,

And but for the Grace of God, we could be in that sad Mothers shoes.

Anytime one of my loved ones leaves, I never like to say goodbye, as I think that is too final.

I prefer instead to say see you later, as I think that leaves open the possibility that I WILL see them again.


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If this post isn't welcome here, or any place on this forum, or any other, than I'm in the wrong place. I survived my war, while a lot didn't. I returned, not a hero, ( none of us felt we should be) but thanks to being from a small town, not, ( a murderer, or baby killer.)

I was a son , not only of my parrents, but of America. I feel the loss of this son of America as I would that of a brother.

I can only thank you for posting this, and assure you that, all vets goin in this familys loss.


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You know if we can't honor one of our fallen heros with a post from his family, we need to step back and think about our priorities.

It is because of him and so many other braves soldiers and warriors that came before him, that we can go about our day to day lives. Complaining that we got skunked when we went out prospecting, or that we had to do chores for our wife. Oh BOO HOO!

Make no mistake about it, our brave men and woman are fighting this war on terrorism in a foreign land, so we don't have to live through the horror of another 9/11. Terrorists want a piece of us? Fine, we take the war to them.

We hear daily how many American soldiers have died in Iraq. My question is, for each soldier who gave his or her life in Iraq, how many of us, living our lives back here, were saved from yet another terrorist attack?

How would you like to live somewhere like Israel, where you can't even go to a corner cafe for breakfast without the possibility that you will be blown up by a suicide bomber.

GOD BLESS ALL OF OUR TROOPS, and God Bless This Young Soldier, and may God give him a Heros welcome when he walks through heaven's gate.


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I cut and pasted your post into an e-mail to Anna. She answered me today. She said thank you for the kind woeks and the prayers. She said that she has gotten over 8000 reponces from the posting of her leter.

Dac, again thanks. It ment alot to us also.

O'29er in 29

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