Wheels Again, RH Here I come

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Wahoo...Thanks to my great Bro-in-law, my rig is rolling again and ready to hit the 24k push Sat.....I just have to leave an hour earlier than normal because I ain't exceeding 10 MPH on that road ever again...Maybe even slower...Thanks to all you great folks who emailed and offered to tote me up to the hill to deal with my nugget jones this past week...I look forward to meeting you all up there over a warm nugget soaked in brandy...Hope it don't snow....cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Good to see you Bob and sorry I couldn't stay the night but I see you decided to get back home for a warm bed. :D How many pounds did you take home? I got my first nugget and now everyone tells me it gets easier. My next trip I plan to hear north up onto the hill. I need a little exercise and want to find all that gold before the rattlers wake up. Momma and I may be heading to Yuma in Feb for a few days and we may go the way thru Quartszite to see all those folks visiting.

Have a great day.


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