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I found this last Oct. in N. Nevada. At first I thought it was piece of iron slag because of the weight, rust, and being magnetic. It's just an ugly slug of iron to my eye. But I kept it anyway because I thought in the back of my mind that it just might be something else due to where I found it.

I didn't give it much more thought until I happened to catch a program on the Travel Channel about hunting for meteorites with detectors. Some that they were finding looked exactly like the piece I had saved, especially the big ones they were digging up in the corn fields in Kansas.

So, I dug it out and ran a test with my coin machine. Bingo! Even though it's heavy, magnetic, and rusty, it registers as a nickel/pull tab on a coin machine. That confirms its nickel - iron content in my mind. I also recall somewhere that meteorites from Nevada are pretty rare, something like only about 20 having been found. A couple were found at Rye Patch, although this one wasn't. It was north of there.

Can John B. or any others confirm any of this by looking at the pictures and description? It weighs about 20 grams.

Digger Bob


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If its a meteorite hang on to it , usually hard to find because they rust away, but easy to find when driving tractors over huge acreages of plowed land ,you can see the little crators in the windrows. Legally I think you have to hand them in to some gov dept...YEAH RIGHT..

thanks arahi...

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Digger Bob. The area "north of Rye Patch" has produced 3 nickel irons that I know of. John B. told me about them and I would bet that one you found is associated with the others. They were also rusty lumps . The high alkali content of that ground is corrosive and will etch off any fusion crust quite quickly, geologically speaking. Good find!---Bob

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