Nice find!

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Just wanted to share my finds today.

My scale is broken, but we guess the larger one is over 1/2oz.

It was over 1ft deep and sounded like a pickup truck!

The larger ine was found with a Wallaby DD and the smaller one with a Platypus, 8" deep on a 3000 and it was located within 2ft of someone elses dig hole.

I got 2, my partner went behind me with a 4000 and eliptical DD Commander and got 3 about the same size as my smaller one.... :o I had to leave somthing for him to find! :rolleyes: He is persistant and has lots of years behind a detector...we were in a high trash area, so were using the DD's.

If you find a target, dig it and RECHECK THE TARGET AGAIN!!! We are finding that people are finding a target, recovering it, then taking off and searching again..leaving gold behind.

That is how my partner found 2 behind me, I was using a large coil and found junk and moved on, he used a smaller coil, defind 2 targets, one junk and the other a nice nugget.


Happy hunting.


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