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This morning, I got an email from some electronics company{suposedly} and it had an invoice and said my Pay Pal account had not paid it yet. Would I give them my account # so they can get it straight. I thought to myself, now this is really funny, because I never have had an Pay Pal account, I don't even know how Pay Pal works. I figure they were jus phishing for info. I deleated it. So all you guys that really have accounts, watch out. Grubstake

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ya . I CALL IT INTERET TERAISM . I have loans that should have me teaching at university. And the best part I CANT do a thing about it with out three creadit reports and then wasting my dam time disputing it.with each company! SO WATCH OUT !THE BEST IS YET TO COME. AND THE POEPLE YOU talk too you can't even understand what their saying becase thier not americans ! but as one explanened to me it is the best that they can do. I said how about picking tomatos untill you can speak american. I gets so fustrating! you wonder how much you can spend shotgunshells.

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