Snowin at my house right now

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Gaine, before I got into this swinging every d--- weekend, I fished whenever I could get out. Not too many years ago, during the fishing derby, the first weekend in June; we got several inches of snow. Brandy flowed that night, till we went to bed at 8.

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On the news this evening, they said Mariposa got an official 6 inches. I think there right, I put a ruler to it this morning, and yes there was indeed 6 inches on my camper shell. Now its warming up, going to be 68 SAT. and 70 SUN. crazy stuff this Global Warming. Al Gore is to blame, I just saw on the news his average electric bill for his home is $1200.00 a month, Mine runs $50.00 you can tell who is doing there part, to reduce green house gas. Grubstake

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