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Hi Matt. I've used a Gold Bug 2 for 2.5 years and bought a GP Extreme about 2 weeks ago. Both will find gold and both take a while to learn. From what I can see, and I said this before, the GP Extreme makes the gold bug seem like a toy. I recommend you go with one that fits your budget first of all, and if you can afford a thousand or more, I recommend going with the best Minelab GP you can afford.

As for there being more Minelabs for sale, that's simple. People with Minelabs upgrade if they can afford to, and there is a huge market for their hand-me-downs. I'll be keeping my Gold Bug 2 because there are times when I'll want to use it and the $400 I could probably get for it doesn't excite me.

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Matt, my .02 cents worth (worth about .01). I have several detectors, most VLF's and one PI (the 4000). I'm still learning the 4000, but very happy with it. When hunting gold, the best bet is dig every target.

A little story- several PI's worked this area pretty good, but there were a few spots very trashy (nails, rusted bits of cans, ect), that gold was found nearby, but these areas were too trashy to spend alot of time in. Bought an MXT (when I bought one for my brother) last year; anyway, thought this would be a good place to try it. Granted, I'm not experienced with it, so I got on the forums about the discrimination. A local said gold showed between 20-30 % iron probabilty. Others said below 50% dig. After a poor day, got back on the forums, now was told dig all below 80%. Well, my conclusion was, use the PI and if it gets too trashy move on.

Want to try an 18000 (I like), or the MXT? More than welcome to try one before you decide to buy if you'd like.

With the PI's, I liked the discrimination on the 3000 better than the 4000 (used it in trashy areas, late in the afternoon, when the back said I should quit, a half hour earlier).

Enough said,


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Thanks,For the help guys!

What you are telling me is bye a Minelab GP if I can afford one.

If not its the Gold Bug 2. That's what I was looking for Thanks!

I'm not new to Nugget hunting.

I know it's up to the operator to know the detector.

I can't believe how many there are now.

I made some unreal finds in the late 80's with my gold bug.

Then In 1990 I found a outcrop of highgrade ore (with my Gold Bug)that The old timers missed, I mined it until 2004.

Now it is time to get back into Nugget hunting!

My back has alot to do with this also.

To bad they haven't made a detector that only beeps on Gold!!!!!

Thanks again,Matt

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