What sort of equipment is used for large scale desert placer mining?

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Anything bigger than a pick,shovel ,self contained high banker,

or dry washer requires bonds and permit's .

It is up to the BLM what type equipment ,that you can use.

Just because there is water near does not mean that you can use it

for mining.

I can buy 2500 gallons, delivered for $350, cheaper the more i get.

or 10,000 gallons for $2 un-delivered

i suppose that ill have to talk to the blm....

regardless of bonds and permits... what sort of equipment would be used??

Also, would i need all of these bonds if i was operating on private property?

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I own working claims ,and I am just trying to help.

Type Arizona Mining Summit into search. It will give all

details on permits and rules. It is kinda long and boring

but read it carefully and in detail. Once you walk into

the BLM and talk notice,plan of operations,permits or

bonds,you become a case number and their little puppy.

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At the very least, look into the purchase of some sort of trommel; preferably, one that has a hopper that can be loaded with a skid-steer or a frontloader. The material has to have a feed gate to allow metered introduction of material into the trommel itself, and also adjustable sluice trays below, perhaps even a gold screw for tailing fines.

The next item would be a loader or tractor.

A water truck or source, plus a trash pump.

You may want to consider a water holding pond, for both clean water, and for recirculation of waste water.

Some attention will have to be made for tailings piles and tailings fines.

One you get a flowsheet worked out, you will then have to draw up a plan, including acreage to be disturbed, wildlife impacts, drainage plans, liquids containment, disposal, and a comprehensive map indicating specific site details. All of this will have to be reviewed by the BLM, Forest administrator, Department of Fish and Game, watershed administrator(s), and possibly, local zoning board of the county or local health department.

After that, depending on approval (versus disapproval), you may have to post a land damage mitigation bond with the corresponding agency.

You may have to register with the MSHA or OSHA agencies if you plan on having employees or associates jointly work the claim and mining operation. Ditto the IRS. You may also have to obtain a business license.

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I forgot something. It may help to perform a testing program to prove the claim and projected returns, prior to spending all the money for steps that should come after; that is, unless your trommel is the method you plan to use in proving the claim.

In case you didn't know, a trommel can be a closed or open screened rotating cylinder contraption, that will process all material, as well as break up clods and clumps. These units are very proficient and useful, but not exactly 'portable' units. A guy can make one for small scale work, and as long as the operation stays fairly small, most of the permits and expenses on the previous post will not have to be done.

Trommels do use water, and if you are planning to use one in the desert, it would help to have a trash pump and a catch pond, in order to recycle silted up water. If you plan on using one near a river, stream, lake, etc., check with the DFG or state water inspector, or health department. You may end up with a simple fix like a dredge permit, but only your specific situation and plan will dictate the resolution.

by all means, if you're on a blm or other fed claim, it pays to see what is required for the project you plan, because to go through the hassle after you've made a mistake, can prove very costly (at least 3 times what you would have invested by getting the permits in the first place), not to discount possible jail time and equipment (including your own vehicle) impoundment.

If this is something you are doing on your own private land, what concerns government most is drainage, tailings, watershed impacts, and waste disposal. Not so much in your own land, but what happens during a flood or runoff into/onto other land.

Coupled with the past post, this is why mining in the 21st century can be so expensive and labor intensive. Not so much for you the miner as a miner, but for you, the land disrupter, employee, employer, workmen safety, tax man, tax representative, business owner, polluter, and several other hats that you may have to wear to get things going.

A lot of people just don't havethe resolve to get through all of it. If that is your case, perhaps you should get the Canadians involved- they are pretty much a do and die bunch; tenacious enough to wear down any USA ecologist, fed rep, or other government agency. Like the pioneers of old, the words "NO and CAN'T" aren't in their vocabulary... better believe it babe!

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If you are serious about mining.

Your first and best investment is the best full time,

real mining lawyer,that you can find. Don't fool with

also does or will try it lawyers.

Their hourly rate will scare you to death. But a good

one can solve a problem in a few minutes and save

you a ton of money and grief.

A good lawyer may get an hours time ,where a bad

one can drag something out forever,and cost a fortune.

All of the real good old time mining lawyers I have met

are real good guys,and will help a little guy.

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once again, i really appreciate all of the help.

What im going to start out doing is getting a total of 3 people involved and running a detector and dry washer for about 8 hours a day.

im going to get a keene 151 dry washer and a Eureka Gold Detector (Vlf) to run over the dry washer run off to see what might pass through. I know alot of people would go with a MPS, but it seems that a VLF would be best fit for finding very small pieces that the dry washer might miss.

Ill also look into getting a mining lawyer, I have to lawyers in northern nevada allready though, shame none of them are devoted to mining...

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