Back from La Porte

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Spent the day looking through the tailings piles around the Diggings for anything but square nails and bullets. Un fortunately there were loads of them but I did find a nice old lock and tried like hell to find the payroll box that it used to secure.

First pic is of the lock and if someone can help me identify it, the helpful info would surely be appreciated.

The second phot is of the close proximity of the lock and the third photot is of the next target zone to try to find the Au that this region was famous for.

It was another great day hunting with Dennis and we managed to have a great day despite the low trade value of lead nuggets. The cemetery is pretty cool up in town as well as the stamp mill.







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Hi Capt, get a copy of Western and Eastern Treasure magazine or get on their web site they have a column called ask Mark Parker if you send a picture he can probably ID it and tell you what it's worth. I used to get that magazine and have seen a few people send in pic's of locks in the past that he ID'd. Might be worth a try if no one else can help you.


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That sure is a nice lock...pretty good condition too considering how long it had been hiding. By the way, what you holding in your avatar? Is it a squid?

Good eye. Yes. That is a Giant Humbolt Squid (40 pounds) from my fishing trip on my boat back in January out of Bodega Bay. Put 6 in the boat in 40 minutes while out 22 miles off shore.

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