Moore Creek Hardrock Exploration Program

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Many here are familiar with Moore Creek due to our very visible "pay-to-mine" operation. What is less publicized is our hardrock exploration activities.

Full Metal Minerals of Vancouver, Canada entered an agreement with Moore Creek Mining LLC in 2006 whereby Full Metal would engage in lode exploration in return for an option to purchase the lode rights to the property. In 2006 an intitial sampling program commenced with soil and stream concentrate samples being taken from a wide range of locations on the claim block. The results of this exploration program are summarized in the Full Metal Annual Report that can be found online at

Although there are several areas of interest, extra attention was given the Broken Shovel prospect near camp this summer as we got an excavator to the mine. Broken Shovel is close enough to camp that we could use the excavator to trench and pit sample various locations plus hundreds more soil samples were collected from select areas. Results of this program are pending until the samples are assayed. However, the results are promising enough to warrant an aeromagnetic survey this fall prior to potential drilling in 2008.

Towards this goal Full Metal has a Letter of Agreement to option a 60% share the Moore Creek property to Highbury Projects. The details of this agreement are on the Full Metal Website.

Charles C. Hawley, PhD. has prepared a 43-101 report on Moore Creek entitled "43-101 Report on Moore Creek Prospect, West Central Alaska" but I have not yet obtained a copy of that report..

The most exciting aspect of all this for me is the aeromag. The state of Alaska has run large aeromagnetic programs over other large areas of state land over the years but for some reason has neglected the third largest producing district in the state. There is a strong possibilty that aeromag could reveal subsurface targets in the area that are invisible from the surface. Getting aeromag run over the claim block is a great development.

Steve Herschbach

Moore Creek Mining LLC

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Hi Don,


Hardrock exploration is a tough business in Alaska. The remote locations do not help at all but the biggest problem is ground cover. I envy the desert folks who can just walk around and kick rocks all day. Most of our exposures are buried under muck and tundra, so getting an idea of even what rock type there is in any given location can be very difficult. Finding an actual vein or veins is harder yet.

Moore Creek may or may not prove to have that "motherlode" but regardless I'm just thankful to be able to have my shot at trying to find one.

Steve Herschbach

Moore Creek Mining LLC

Picture - 25 oz Vein Section found at Moore Creek in placer


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