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Bob,there's supposed to be various models,under many names of this Chinese made beeper.Modified ones are/were being tested by jack lang in OZ.Believe it's a VLF with all abilities. A moded one might be good for shallow bedrock gold.Perhaps Reg or someone else would let you test out a modded unit.Be interesting to see the results............Dave

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Hi Digdeep,

No, I have not had any direct communications to speak of about the mods being done on the Goldsnoop. I have heard some rumors plus what has been written on one of the OZ forums. Also, I have not looked inside at the unit to see how it is made at this time because of a lack of time. If I get a chance, I will do that and see what can be done. Right now, even as a unit with no mods, it works quite well. At least, mine does. That is part of the reason I am in no hurry to try to change it. Also, I am short of time available to try to reverse engineer the unit.

I personally, wouldn't be afraid of using it the way it is.


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Hi All,

I took a quick peak inside the GC 1023 and decided I didn't want to try to fool with it right now. I have too many other things I need to do before I take time to play with this detector. Besides, my unit seems to be quite sensitive as it is. Now, my unit has two IC's sort of coated with some kind of wax, which will complicate things when trying to figure out just what is what. I am not sure why they are coated.

So, someone else will have to take time to try to mod one of them since I won't have time.


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