Gone to Moore Creek Again

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I'm headed to Moore Creek tomorrow to meet with the Full Metal people and see how the hardrock exploration is going. They are pulling out for the winter on Wednesday and so I want a chance to review everything with the geologists.

Plus, someone needs to button camp up for the winter as soon as the geos are gone. Got some other misc work to do. And best of all, time for old Stevie to look for some gold for himself!! Seeker is going along and so we will see what we can find and report back next week sometime. I'll take lots of photos this week to post later.

Anyone trying to contact us about Moore Creek will most likely not get any response until next week.

Steve Herschbach

Moore Creek Mining LLC

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Hi Hammer,

George and I were talking food today and living off our dry goods. No meat to speak of. The nice thing about bears is that people can eat them. One looking for a meal might end up being one!

Steve H

GOOD LUCK : Keep warm and remember the Bears may be looking for one more big meal :o:blink:
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