Moore Creek nuggets

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I've been soaking some of the nuggets in a autocare product for cleaning chrome and wire wheels. The brand name is Mothers and the ingredients are Phosphoric Acid and Hydroflouric Acid. I imagine they are fairly diluted concentrations so the unwashed masses with little or no common sense don't burn the crap out of themselves. These have been soaking off and on for a couple weeks and are starting to look pretty good. Moore Creek seems to produce a lot more specimen gold. The biggest nugget I photographed today is the 3/4 oz wiregold nugget. The bigboy nugget 3.5 oz is still soaking and hasn't produced any astonishing results yet. It seems like it has a lot of tiny quartz crystal pockets, but its all pretty iron stained.

Anyone interested in purchasing some or all of this gold let me know. I'll need the proceeds for next years trip.


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