Hot rock's or not?

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Here's the deal, I have an area outside of Aus and the US. The area produced large nuggets in the past and as far as I know has not been detected.

The gold is found associated with (and here goes) Magnetic ironstone, magnetic iron sand, iron pyrites, iron ore, tinstone crystals,woolfram and grey ore of maganese.

The $64000 question are these what you call "Hot rocks" ? can I use a SD or GPX or is this just nightmare ground and no detector would work? Would there be too many signals to dig or would the detector have too much interference?

Would appreciate any help I can get...

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Australia has,overall, by far the worst ground for iron stone, many places in the US have even tougher ground for a variety of hot rocks...that said I would expect any of the Minelab Pi machines to work, some models better for some things than others...

The new Whites TDI and Eric Foster's GS5-a,b,c may be of interest too...this is not a recommendation just facts mixed with my opinions...the operator is the most important link in the nugget hunting chain...............


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