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Ok you all, todays the day, go out and vote, yeh, every vote DOES count, if you don't vote, and who ever you wanted in there doesn't win, well its your fault. So you don't have a gripe. I voted over a week ago. Never missed a vote as long as I have been able to vote. We don't have much of a choise this year, but I voted for the lesser of the two evils. Grubstake

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Yeh Cuck, I wish we would have had better,to choose from. But that how our country works. even the a President is limited, to what the Senate and Congress will pass, without too much pork! I'm tired of Pork, how about a little beefsteak? From now on. Good luck everyone on getting there pick. Half will lose and half will be sorry they picked who they did. Grubstake

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