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For those day's that it's just too bloody hot to go detecting (I miss those days, don't see many "too hot to go out" days in Canada), here's a movie recommendation for you... it's in line with other Aussie classics like the Castle.

The Nugget, about three mates and their detector..... funny as heck... you can rent it at Blockbuster online and other places and see bits of it on Youtube.

Movie Trailer



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Ah, The Nugget! I only watched it recently and it reminded me of some of my own iron nail collecting expeditions. They had a whimsical sense of humor when they made this movie and it's probably an accurate reflection of human nature. They filmed this film where I sometimes detect and the infamous "Holtermann Nugget" (a huge reef mass of gold weighing over 630 lbs/2759 ounces) was found VERY close to where they filmed this movie. Whilst The Nugget (movie) was a fictional story, the elements contained within it are based partially on incidents which have occurred. I've met a number of characters who resemble the ones in the film. Kind of creepy, actually. Countless stories are about that serve as warnings here to the greed that gold often triggers.

Just last week I was told my the local restaurant owner in the same region (near Sofala) that a number of council workers were using a large post-drill to install new power poles in the ground a few years ago when the drill brought up a cascade of extremely bright (and large) gold nuggets. The workers apparently then used the drill to punch a few more holes in the ground and collected about $40,000 of nuggets each before they dropped their tools and abandoned their jobs... leaving even the post-driller there.

When the local mining company dropped a core-sample drill down in the middle of the street in Hill End recently (about 29km from the town above), the core sample apparently contained very large sections of solid gold. If that's accurate, it's nice to know the area is still so rich! I was out there a few months ago and the mine doing quite nicely. They had a 13kilo bar being passed around not long ago.

Last week I got a phone call about a nice Gold Nugget find about 7 hours from where I reside. They guys who found it all were described as very much like the ones in the movie: The Nugget. Easy going country folk... who were pretty vocal about their find. They were in the city last week putting their nuggets in a bank safe and gathering friends to bring more detectors to the location - so they could scour the surrounding region. Of the ten "big nuggets" they discovered, the largest was 826.4grams and they were apparently handing it around at the local Pub. They also had a small box filled with specimens and smaller bits (not including the ten larger nuggets). Pretty cool!

What to do if I find a big nugget like the one in the film? I'd probably do my best to find a buyer in short order.

As for "The Nugget" movie... it might be a little quirky and off-beat for some but for those of us Prospecting with detectors, it might prove to be very entertaining.



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