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hello everyone, greetings from venezuela, I write with love once again.

This time I want to share with you some photos. Last February I went to the mountains with my father and a friend. we went in search of gold with my dear gpx-4000.

work hard for 6 days digging with picks and shovels in an area where it had previously found some nuggets. but this time luck was not on our side during these 6 days and only found a nugget of 0.8 grams (photo 1)

then decided to walk and search in an area close to 2 kilometers away in the mountains, we found a nugget of 12.4 grams (photo 2) which is located about 25 centimeters deep at that time was using a reel monolop Commandant 8.

the three outbursts of joy with this discovery, look for about 30 minutes but found no other seed. returned to the camp was trade. (Camp photo 6)

the following day we returned with my coil fitted coiltek goldstalker 12 x 18. "contains many nuggets. worked there for 10 days and managed to catch about 340 grams of gold

show them a rock that was about 65 cm depth the same weight 80.5 grams (gross weight) and had approximately 50 grams of gold in it (photos 3, 4 and 5). the largest nugget was found there.

Last week I went with my father to another site where it has never found gold, looking hard for 4 days without results, the fifth day he found a nugget of 10.2 grams, was about 30 centimeters deep, the next day we returned to that site and found 8 more nuggets including a rock containing 20 grams of gold. in total there are 67 grams of gold. next week we return to this site to work in search of more gold. I promise pictures of them then this new adventure.

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Hi Doc I am glad you have liked my story. Apology call bad wording (I translate from Spanish to English with google translator )..... I want to tell you that my coil coiltek goldstalker 12 x 18.5 "was bought in your store. and I think that is the only one currently in venezuela. saludos .... thank you for your comment friend.

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