black sand accumulation on super magnets

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This should apply to a majority of you.

Here in Colorado, a lot of the areas I prospect have loads of black sand. After a good days use, the super magnet on my pick is covered. What methods seem to work best at keeping the magnet(s) clean? Thanks.


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Hi h20. I try to keep mine as clean as possible so I can spot new items that it picks up. When I clean mine, I pull off as much trash as I can and then give the pick a sharp rap on a large rock. It doesn't get all the black sand off but it gets most of it. If anyone has a better way I'd like to hear it.

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I just clean it off with my hands it only takes two seconds. Or like they said up top hit it against a rock.

Thanks. Are you the person who hunts with LuckyLundy? If so, you two seem to have it dialed in as far as nugget hunting goes.

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