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Gary... thanks for the heads up... I'm having considerable trouble with my computer... About

three months ago I bought a new one with all the extras... Having problems with it...

Popular Mining Magazine... Issue 77...

Hopefully KID SAXON will see this and respond... To Kid Saxon... issue 77 was the last one

published by Nancy Glenn. Future issues were to be published by another publisher...

Actually 77 was sorta a crossover between the new and old; both worked together to

put out what was to be the final edition by Nancy and the first by Ronald....

My interest in 77 is in the field test of the then newly introduced White's Goldmaster-3...

I was given the honor of field-testing it for Popular Mining... It is detailed and extensive.

Nancy never edited any of my stuff... Actually, I was one of the contributing writers

(As are several contributors to this forum, such as Don Alexander)

In the writeup are several photos of our late son, Douglas. He was with me the

entire time. We were in northern Nevada with Okie Jim during the first phase

of his Lunker Hill operation... we were at Middle Camp in Arizona where Doug

found a nice nugget... we were in the California Mojave desert, at Randsburg,

and at Summit diggings...

Bittersweet memories of times a father and a son shared a common "guy" thing.

Doug was slowly slipping away with a mental illness.

A complete set of Popular Mining is considered very collectable... I do not want

anyone to breakup a set... My offer was and still is... as I have a few odd issues...

(as I'm not a collector of sets) is to trade one I have for a copy of one they

do not have...

Actually I have several issues of 77; but always interested in another copy...

My email is <jimstraig@earthlink.net>. I check my messages everyday.

(Rob... if to see this, I hope it is okay...)

Jim Straight

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Gary... Gosh you do not miss anything... KID SAXON and I are in touch.

Both "Magnificent Quest" and "ADVANCED Prospecting" have been updated

in January.... Yes Lost Treasure is carrying ADVANCED and they have a small

postage stamp size ad in their magazine... The ICMJ has a classified ad.

The GPAA Gold Prospector has one of my ads.

Rob also sells my books and advertises it in the "whats new" sub-forum...

I have a BS degree in Geological Engineering, and a life Credentual in

secondary education in California. I have taught earth science, lapidary

(and even automotive classes) in adult education high schools. I even

taught a class on the UC Riverside campus on prospecting methods.

I have worked underground using a "jackleg," and "longholed" into an orebody.

Floated copper and "molly", tabled and floated scheelite; was a controlman at

a diatomaceous earth plant I have ran a drill rig for a private soil-lab.

Have "walked the line" for Cal-Trans checking the geology of proposed

new urban freeway routes.

As I write this my books are available from the following distributors:

Jimmy Sierra, Gem Guides, and JOBE (Lifestyles in Hesperia). Their

dealers carry, or can get copies, of my books.

My first detector was a military anti-tank mine detector... an SCR-625. I

familiarized with it during ROTC basic training at the (then) Camp

Carson in Colorado back in 1953...

Actually I knew of Grubstake way back... several of my adult education students

became acquainted with Gary when he was instructing at Bagby. They were

so impressed with Garys knowledge they recommended Garys class to my

students... it was a win-win for all....

Now you know a little more about Gary and me... we have known of each

other for many years...

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Guest sandtrap

And....... Thanks again, Mr. Jim, for the patience you had with me, in your teaching the finer arts of detecting. I still owe you coffee, and a bowl of oats !! Hope you will be coming up for a few days, when it cools off. Maybe we can get Gary to "C'mon down.." :blink:

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Gary... Woody and Herb visited my adult classes and added "Class."

This is another thing we have shared... the friendship of Woody. He

was one of the best.... He passed away a few months ago.

I have lost track of Herb (Gibbons) since he moved seveal years ago.

Jerry... I really have enjoyed our adventures over the years... Detecting

with Montana, Smokey, George Duffy, Mark Anderson, Jim Malone,

Dick Bailey and "Lunk." Looking for meteorites in the drylake beds,

wading through a swarm of high-density mormon crickets... struggling

with a flat tire.

Many Adventures... Better than gold... More will come...

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Hey guys I never go out without my Tire plug kit, can of seal and air, 12v compressor and my all time favorite GREEN SLIME, and least two spare tires, if you think Nevada is bad try the out back of Mexico. Ok I just thought Id throw in two cents.

Jim I was just reading your 2009 edition of advanced prospecting and detecting hardrock gold and you gave me some new ideas on some old ground up in Nevada, Im heading out in the morning I'll let you know how things go. also congratulations on you induction into the treasure hunters hall of fame, you got my vote. Take care AzNuggetbob

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Guest sandtrap

The chunk of rock that was stuck in the sidewall made a 4inch long hole in it ..so much for one new tire

Even a boot could not have fixed it.. My patch kit would NEVER have worked.

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sandtrap some days the gold gods just aren't shinning down on ya. been there, on long haul trips I always take my dirt bike, best spare tire Ive ever had. well got to go Ive got a hot date with a gold mine in Nevada. Take care out there. AzNuggetBob

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AzNuggetBob... May the goldgods smile and rain gold at you...

However, you have quite a nose for gold... that I know from

following your trail on the sidehill above Lunker Hill...

The trouble with Sandtrap's truck is it is big and heavy... He

needs to haul a crane with him to lift it... We still would be stuck

along the road if'n a couple of truckers hadn't stopped to supply

the needed "lift."

Now, does anyone reading this thread know why "puncherpruff" is

called "sandtrap?" (Sandtrap: Never mind why I'm known as "tailgate!")

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