Gold Prices

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Check this out.

COMEX Traders Predict $1,600 Gold by December:

If gold trades at or above $1,600 by December, some 100,000 call option contracts will be "in the money." Big-money players Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are reportedly helping to drive the action, ahead of a huge purchase of gold futures contracts.

Get Ready.

BTW I have not been on the board n a couple of days and am bombarded by filth.

My new GPX-4500 is superb, however there is one thing I dislike or should I say is an annoyance, I have to dig deeper.


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Remember all them slim years and anything over $450 and oz I was a happy prospector! Current AU price is all gravy with that extra slice of cake to boot. I have a few ounces stored, but sell as fast as I can find them. Gives me a good reason, to hunt more often when the poke is low. So get out there and find nuggets...Until our next hunt!


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