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I see your on here, what are you doing, getting the best settings for your brand new 4500 like Flak had to do to refresh hios memory? :rolleyes: Grubstake Hey when you called me tonight, you didn't say if ROB thew in a track hoe to help you dig those deep one?

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What happened to the old pick and shovel? Is Jerry getting lazy in his old age and now needs a backhoe to do his digging? :o

You know he could buy a teeny weenee, hoe that is, for probably less than that new 4500 cost.

Jerry are you going to the AMDA hunt next wk. end? Seems like I remember seeing you up there year before last???

Bob T.

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From Wensday to Friday we will be on a hunt, I have company coming up for a hunt.One of the days we will be useing his boat to get to where we want to go. Grubstake from now till then, he will be watching the 4500 vidio and charging his battery, along with yard work and church, and rock class, and honey do's

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Colorado Bob trackhoe, backhoe almost any kind of Ho except you know the type. Not going to make the hunt at Laughlin but will be in AZ and Quartsite in January.. Looking forward to breaking in my 4500 this week with the Old Farts Detecting Club Of Mariposa. Been spending too much time watching the GPX series video trying to learn about it. Problem is I forget more than I learn.

Today was the first day of detecting season in California====It was so foggy I couldn't see the road in front of my house til noon. That means Kalifornia winter is here AKA Tule fog. Jerry

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