Gold Price as of 7 pm 11-8-09

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This is going to be a great winter, gold has set many records, and is still high, I can remember, when gold was still only $33.00 an oz. And 1966 Mustangs were selling for $3500.00 new off the lot. Dollar is only good for sh** paper right now. I hope it gets to $1200.00 by the first of the year. Grubstake

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Hey Grubstake,

I can remember when I swore I would never pay more than $5.00 for a pair of Levis...

and I still don't.

I wear Wranglers, for a few dollars more...

I did buy a brand new '69 Ford Mustang fastback 2+2 for $5995.00 in that same year...times have changed???

Boy Howdy!


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Yeh, I know Gary, I bought a brand new 66 mustang, with my re-up bonus from through the PX in nam for just a little over $3500.00 but it was bought in 67, the car had like 10 miles on it, and they were getting the new models on the show room floor. I don't know if they still sell cars to Gi's through the Px, but they used to. Great car, until my first wife wrecked it, silver with Red interior. I wish I had it now, it would be worth some big bucks. Grubstake

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