Red Dirt Bench Nuggets

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Yo All...Got bored with the areas I've been hunting so I lit out for new parts today...Seems all the gulches in the general area are hammered, so I decided to try some high benches that show good mineralization and deep red dirt...I was side hilling it for a couple hundred feet then got to an area that the angle was less steep...Up under a Palo Verde I got a soft little signal...Dug it and, yep, a tiny little dink...My phone camera was maxed on memory so I couldn't get any field shots today...I gridded back and forth up the hill and, yep, another little dinkster...Two of them together total about a half gram...I continued to grid and suddenly the detector just maxed out like a big ol' nail...A very weird sound...Each time I swung ol' Baboo over it, the sound was different, but everytime it was loud!!! ... Anyhow, down only about 4" was this dense solid nugget that field dressed right at 5.0 grams....I can't wait to get back into the area...It's a bitch to get into, but well worth the long hike...Unfortunately, only studio pix tonight...Cheers, Yer Happy Unc in the Dubyah

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Hey Cuz,

You seem to be spanking those nuggies pretty good lately, with ole Baboo!

Winter showed its face here this morning, with a dusting of snow in the mountains, and hail

in the valley.

I'm jealous as hell, cause it will be 5 months more before I can turn on my detector around here!

I keep telling the wife I am packing up and heading for a warmer and pertier climate. Having lived in

Tucson for a while, way back when, I got to love the Arizona country.

Keep 'em coming!

Cuz Gary

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Unc. Ron,

Man you have turned into one amazing gold hunter. I remember when you used to just have a Gold Bug, and maybe once or twice a month you would hit a nugget. Now finding gold is routine. Thanks for all the pictures, I really enjoy seeing them.


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Thanks, Cuz & Doc...

Cuz, almost 11 years ago, Dodacious, my soulmate, and I left the frigid climes of extreme Northern Kalifornication (Klamath Mtns.) for the warmth of the Big AZ...We picked Wickenburg specifically because it is a small town right in the middle of the gold...Best decision we ever made...I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't live in Central Arizona ... a beautiful, warm and blessed place ... Today I spent some time meditating on top of a high mountain out in the middle of the Vultures, ancient Indian artifacts and pioneer mining stuff nearby and a warm strong sun beaming down on my soul & spirit ... I am truly blessed.

Grandpa Doc...I am fortunate enough to be able to schedule my work round my beepster, so I've been able to put thousands of hours into learning...and I learn something new almost every day ... That's been translating into gold, even though sometimes I get discouraging dryspells ... I learned an interesting technique: When I feel really good about a day out in the desert, I tell myself one time, "Today, I'm going find something really interesting and valuable." Then I forget about it and enjoy the place and the moment...It seems to work about 90% of the time...The non-productive 10% happens when I put on too much Rx testosterone gel after my morning shower :girl::lol: :lol: ... Cheers, Unc

PS. Doc...Rhett sure looks like you!

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