Eldorado's Love of Jewlery!

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I'd like to start this little story by saying thanks to El Dorado...Steve, it's fantastic! Some of you may remember I dug this nugget up last Father's Day 15.5 dwt and wanted to make a pendant out of it. During the time since, Steve moved to a new home and was in Brazil for what seemed months. He didn't waste much time when he got back home planning his new studio and putting it into action. He now has his own jewerly making man-cave set up and running, it's nestled under the shade of and old oak tree. I gave Steve free run in his creative mind to fashion my pendant and he didn't let me down! Steve dropped it by this morning, before our morning hunt and I was in awe. I quickly hung my pendant on my chain...it felt Lucky! Off to the gold fields to catch up with NuggetSlayer. Jeff, was out at day break ridge running for a new patch. Steve, was a head of me and detecting a favorite spot, when I heard a whistle...I joined Jeff some 500 yards from the gold patch. We detected a high ridge leading to Steve, with no luck. I jumped down into the ditch 150 yards from Steve and started a slow search for a nugget. 75 yards short of Steve, I got one of those funny sounds...all trash must be removed from this patch, so I busted the top of the soil clean and listened again. Yep, it was a nice solid sounding target now, removed a couple more inches and the target was out of the hole. It soon was in my hand and I called the guys to take a look...4.2 dwt's plus another dink (.2 dwt) and hour later. Steve, I think my new pendant has some Mojo added, not a bad morning hunt on a day gold top $1,200 and ounce! So, if you have some jewlery needs Steve is your man...he'll toss in some of his Mojo too! Until our next hunt!




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Being the black sheep of the family and not joining the family bussines in jewelry (jewellery) but rather turned to music production, I had to pass those pics to my dad after it caught my eye. Now I don't understand what it really meant but he was like "Damn that looks better than extracted gold and making it into jewelry but rather the rough look into making it a gold accessory is what makes it look very unique, the colour just seems more real than extracted gold by itself"

I did not understand a thing from that, but the expressions on his face gave it all.

Nice one El Dorado and congrats to you Lucky

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