How many of us work in the rain?

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Ok it's raining here in So Cal. I am getting ready to go to work in the rain. As a diver I get wet anyway but trying to keep my dry gear dry sucks. My tender has to just stand there in the rain for 2 hours plus while I am under the water and he can't leave at any time.

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As a longhaul driver, pulling flat bed, I had to get wet many times, loading and unloading, chaining machinery up on the flat bed, tarping and untarping, It sucks sometimes, but then I think of my time in Viet Nam, two years, monsoons, it didn't matter if you had rain gear on or not, you were wet, for days, wet feet, to you hat. I think about our guys over in Iraq and afganistan, and feel like I have no room to gripe. Besides, if its not raining too hard, I'll go detecting. Grubstake

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Yep, I support our troops, they have it hard, My son in law is right at this minute in Turkrit, Iraq. With a calvery unit. He's only been ther a month and has 11 more to go. my daughter talked to him the other night, Its cold, at night, dusty, can't take a bath, everyday, water is hard to get{clean water} fit to drink,my war and his war are different, but in many ways the same. God Bless our Troops. Grubstake

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