Which Coil?

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Size matters,

Big round ones go the deepest. So for max depth use the biggest round you can. If there is room to swing them.

A rough rule of thumb is that an elliptical coil compares to a round by it's smallest dimension.

I.E. a 14" x 9" elliptical is roughly equal to a 10" round for depth.

I've seen where a 12" round sounded off on a .3 gram nugget at 6" and a 14" x 9" had no response.

Again if theirs room to maneuver the coil in and around the obstacles.

Terrain and target size dictates my coil choices.

When I hunt my go to coil is a 18" elliptical. I feel it's the best compromise for my specific terrain conditions and the average size and depth of the gold.

My next choice is a 16" round IMHO it's the best compromise for max depth and sensitive. I've hit on sub gram nuggets a few inches deep and half oz'ers at 18".

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