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Went down to Castle Creek this weekend and ran into the skunk. It was beautiful after all this rain, green as the desert gets with the poppys starting to bloom. I hardly even noticed the skunk smell. Much fun.

Ruby stayed home this trip, she kept herself busy making another map. This time she made a 3D topo of Lynx Creek. Yeah, there's a mess of topos on the internet of Lynx Creek but this one is BIG. It's 11x14 inches at 300 dpi or 22x28 inches at 150 dpi, definitely not your typical internet map.

I know some of you are wondering what Ruby is doing making maps of Public Prospecting areas. Well Ruby is always thinking of the new folks to prospecting. Ruby remembers her first trip to Lynx Creek and how it opens on April 1st, thats in just a few weeks.

Lynx Creek is probably one of the best places for those new to prospecting. You can camp in the pines, or on the lake and it's just a short drive to the prospecting area. It's not far to town and supplies or a restaurant. There is gold there- just two years ago a newbie found a nickle sized nugget next to the boulder that is just a few steps from the parking area, all he had was a shovel, a bucket, a pan and a lot of determination. And hey, the price is right- Free!

So why not download that map and have one or a few printed out at your nearest Kinkos or wherever. You might just have a newbie friend who would like to give it a try. Heck you might even go along and help them or enjoy a spring weekend in the pines.

Or maybe, like me, you met the skunk on your last prospecting trip and you're ready to settle for a nickle sized nugget. ;)


You can get this map at Ruby's Blog



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