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Why this topic you say..Well anytime you have 5 reality shows based on making FREAKING CAKES exa.. Cake boss, Ace of cakes, Last Cake Standing Amazing Cakes, Food network on making cakes...Now that takes the cake punt entended..I do watch some of these reality shows i admit AXMEN,METOER,MEN,PAWN SHOP,AMEICA PICKERS.. Well ive covered all that i like and dont like.. So now back to the topic.. I say they need to make a reality show on Gold Prospecting.. Have a lead guy...Any takers??? Anyways you could travel around to diffrent countrys showing entry level prospectors the do's and dont's Cover metal detecting,dredging ,drywashing,simple panning methods.Travel the world on your findings .And lastly Plug your Prospecting Store and watch the sales go through the roof in a bad economy :girl: PS




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