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Hello all I have recently moved to Tucson from Reno NV. With the weather so nice here I have been getting itchy to get out and try some desert prospecting, but I don't know where to go. I would like to find a place to go that is fairly close, 30 miles or so. I have also searched for a local supply store with no luck yet. Most of my adventures have been in northern California. I would also enjoy tagging along with someone who is experienced in desert prospecting, as I only really know what gold looks like I don't know about the the many other treasures that the Tucson area has to offer. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

Well off to the book show and hopefully a mineral shop or two.

Thank you.

Justin L.

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Thank you way2cool for you reply, joining a group sounds like my best option. As for equipment I was looking for a place to find books and maps of the area specific to gold gem, and mineral hunting. I would also like to pick up a rock hammer and a glass vial, hopefully at a local mineral shop.

Soon I will learn how it's done in the desert (lots of sun block and water to drink).

Thank you again.


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The gate was open, they wanted a permit. $20 for the family not so bad considering my locations are going to be even more limited without it. Are there restrictions as to prospecting and mineral hunting on state trust land. The terms & conditions page has a short list of rules. Will I need any additional permits. Well Oracle will have to wait until tomorrow.

Thank you


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