Anyone going to the 2010 GPAA Gold & Treasure Show?.

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We'll be there for this 2010 LV GPAA show as well as a vendor. Saturday is always busy for us, however if you would like to chat on Friday evening let me know, hell thats not ment to discourage anyone from stopping by and saying 'how the heck are ya'. See you there!


BTW, that invitation goes out to all!

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Vegasrocker... Question: Have you ever tried meteorite hunting any of the

dry lakes around Las Vegas?

Yes, I did go to Eldorado Valley Dry Lake bed near Boulder City about a month ago. It was only about 1/4 accessible due to water from the recent rains. As I found out, EDVDLB is very popular with off roaders and there is a lot of trash all over. No meteorites were found on that trip. As soon as the weather warms, I will be heading to some of the more remote dry lake beds to the north of Las Vegas.


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VegasRocker... wow.. as you know not all dry lakes have hard

surfaces. They can be soft and a 4-wheel vehicle can bog down

in them. As you know dry lakes often have very little visible

rock material so that in the early mornings or evenings

when the sun is low and the shadows are long by using

binoculars it is possible to "spec" rocks a distance away...

Between LV and my home in Rialto there are lots of dry lakes.

Several stones were found at Roach/Primm dry lake; but I

understand it is off limits now.

I have mentioned meteorites/drylakes as by going to and from

the LV Gold Show, if time allows it can be a thought to stop

off and spend a little time looking for meteorites...

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Ill be there tomorrow (sat) around noonish. Can't wait, its my first.. see you guys there. Good luck meteorite hunting vegas rocker, ill be out there searchin too, I just got a new atv yesterday, so ill be hitting the lake beds north of us aswell. I will be sure to pass on any good info if I'm productive.


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The show was loads of fun, I got to visit with a lot of folks - old friends and new alike. Over 3000 people attended, and more dealers than I have seen at any of these shows as well. Just goes to show that $1100+ gold prices do have a way of creating interest!


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Had good time at the Gold Show. Sorry I didn't return to this topic before going, I would have liked to meet everyone. I was suprised to see how crowded it was on Saturday. A few booths even had meteorite stuff.

Did anyone else see the first public showing of the brand new Whites TDI-2 and the TDI-Pro? The TDI-2 is a stripped down version of the original TDI, which Whites is discontinuing. The TDI-Pro has two extra ground balancing knobs, coarse and fine, similar to the GoldMaster3. The TDI-2 will retail for $1,599 and the TDI-Pro will retail for $1,799.

I even got to meet Tom Massie too!!! :rolleyes:


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Dutch John, did you get a chance to stop by any dry lakes? Did you find anything? I wonder if anyone's searched the big dry lake bed in Baker, CA? I was planning a dry lake hunting expedition this weekend, but it just rained again.... must be global warming. :rolleyes:

Landon, let me know when you go. Would you be interested in carpooling? I'm heading up to Northeastern Nevada to hunt for the Nov. 2009 Utah Fireball in two weeks. Everyone says it landed in Dugway proving grounds, but my calculations say part of it didn't. I can't wait to be the first person to find a piece of that fall... or just another dreamer wondering the desert. :lol:

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:) VegasRocker... I briefly gave Baker drylake a go several years ago...

Good luck on the Fireball chase... My suggestion is to try to get various "eyeball" witness's thoughts. I once

did this and discovered what was considered to be just over the hill was actually hundreds of miles further.

Caution: The weather can still be "invigorating" in northeasten Nevada. So be sure to check weather conditions...I speak from experience as I was born and

raised in Northeastern Nevada near the Utah border.

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Chris... how true. Back about 1980 when gold temporarily spiked to over $800/troy the gold shows were bristling with active buyers.

I remember that time.... Many good areas in the mother lode country were staked claim on top of claim 4 or 5 deep. On the Yuba there were dredges in the water every 100 yards or so. When I was out and about prospecting I'd always see other folks doing the same. The CMJ (as it was then known) swelled to 120 pages in length to accomodate all the ads.

Looks like you and I are going to see those days come again.


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:):) VegasRocker... I missed the LV gold show. Instead I was at the West Coasters 2010 Rendezvous at Rancho Jurupa Regional Park in Riverside California.

My great-granddaughter, Bella, was in the kids hunt. She won a White's detector. She is quite accomplished and last summer coinhunted old flagstone curbs with the

owners permission and beeped an recovered a 1925 wheatie and a 1902 Barber dime.

Chris... Gosh I bought my first CMJ back in the 1940's.

It was very popular with my adult students. "Quicker Liquer" in Fontana sold many copies over the counter

In the 1980's the CMJ grew to over 80 pages.. About 1986

Mr David Parkhurst became associated with the CMJ as Research Editor. Though his herclian efforts the CMJ

published the MINING GUIDE. It sold for $15.00.

It had about 140 pages... and was soon sold out. Later,

about 1995; the CMJ (Now the ICMJ) published the MINING REFERENCE MANUAL (Now about 190 pages) and the 10 year index. As I remember Mr. Parkhurst was a "small miner" and lived in the Carson City area. He passed away about 1994.

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