New Vetrans benifit for agent orange

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They are going to add coranary heart desease{Ischemic heart disease} to the list of problems that are covered by exposer to agent Orange. so now it looks like I'm going to be getting a good size check from Uncle sam as soon as I get my as* in gear and get the papper work filled out, they are going to put it on the list as soon as the end of April, maybe or May. and it will be retro-active to when you apply. I could use an extra $1100.00 or so a month. Grubstake

If your a Viet Nam Vet. and have one of the many disease's thats covered by Agent Orange. You can look it up, on Google. I had my Agent Orange physical back in 73 so I'm already on the registry.

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Guest sandtrap

All of you "NAM" vets deserve whatever you can get, for that wasted war. I had friends who are no longer with us, that had direct shots from that crap. Messed them up, and,,,their offspring too.

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