Type of prospecting wheels?

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What type of prospecting rig are you folks using to get around in the gold fields AZ./ Calf. for metal detecting or dry washing? To be brief the Obama economy is forcing me to sell my house and look at other means for living my life, can't find a job that pays a living wage and keep my home in my area. So it's forcing me into my travel trailer and drop off the grid do my own thing looking for the yellow stuff. At least I am working for my self and not putting up with someones BS. I know it's not a get rich scheme and hard work ( move enough dirt up here with a shovel and buckets the hard way here in CO.) So what mode of transport do you guys favor? ATV/UT or a jeep, it will be and my German Shepherd. I am looking at metal detecting/ some dry washing or a re-circulating trommel set up. Then head north in the summer if they haven't outlawed dredging everywhere by then. It's either do this or start shooting politicians. Thanks for your thoughts on this. Shotgun

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Thanks for the reply, is that carrying area for the ATV in the front of the Trailer? Nice setup. Shotgun

Yeah, the setup carries the ATV/UTV in front of the pop up. I've seen a few in person and they're nice setups. Of course, you could build your own with a flatbed trailer, one of those in-bed campers and some rails and you decide how big of an ATV you want to carry. I've seen MANY of these over the years and they work well... and you can have AC (I don't recall the unit pictured as offering AC)

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