Smokin Deal On Dynamite

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Well I guess someone will sell almost anything at auction, I see a news story just waiting to happen. AzNuggetBob


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Crystallized Black Rock dynamite Featured

Lot #205 Estimated Value: $200 - $300 Click Here to View or Bid at LOST The Official Show Auction

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Seeping nitro

Sounds like a serious accident just wating to happen Old dynamight is extremely dangerous and unstable

allou need is to have some bad A$$ dude to get hold of that stuff T HE COPS NEED TO GET HOLD OF HIM

I dont know about down there but here you need a certificate to use explosives needs to the bomb demolition....


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Rodd this is fake stuff, but it looks very real. how many people need this stuff for movies? And I agree with you if you find dynamite that looks like this (sweating) dont touch it! just report it. AzNuggetBob

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LOL! Did you know the prescribed method to get rid of Old Dynamite is to Burn it?

It makes the most cool wooshing noise and Pink Flames you ever seen.

My dad used to work for CDF back in the '40's and told me that they used to find old dynamite every now and then and that was the way they would get rid of it (burn it). Never mentioned the color of the flame but I don't doubt what you say.

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