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Hi All,

I have decided to get back into detecting. I used to have a Minelab 2100 V2 for my gold detecting and have since moved on and sold it.

I will be on the road with my trailer and was interested in finding a detector that will work well in dry beach sand as well as dry land.

I don't need a Minelab detector (High End) nor a Bounty Hunter (Low End)

I have been looking into a Garrett 250 ($212 - $297) 6.5 kHZ or the NEW Garrett Ace 350 that is coming out in Oct. ($297) I think 8.25 kHZ

I'm sure others will chime in on their favorites. I'm all ears.

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Good to see you back, you just going to hunt beaches & relic hunt areas ?

One thing make sure the metal detector coil is waterproof incase you hunt around lakes, rivers, beachsurf

or get caught out in the rain (you can always put a plastic bag around the control box).

You still ATVing around the state to ?


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Guest Mike C...

OK now here is more to add.

How about a White's MXT? A friend has one for sale with a few coils.

I'm not familiar with it that much as a genral all around detector.

I owned a mxt for a short while and it is a capable all around beeperwink.gif just was'nt my cup of teaohmy.gif Mike C...ph34r.gif

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