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hello.i do some prospecting in western australia and i am wondering if anyone can help

with enhancing the setings on a 4500.i have played around and got some settings off the internet

but the best way to find more information would be from people who would be kind enough to share


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Hi houghy,

Really the best way to figure out what settings to use

is not by copying someone elses off the internet as tempting as that may be.

Rather, it is far better to read as much as you can find that has been written about

people using the 4500.

If you go back into the threads on forums such as this one

to around the time when the 4500 was released - I forget exactly when that was -

and read the many threads that were posted and added to by people using the 4500,

you will quickly understand what a wealth of information is there

OR buy Jonathon Porters DVD's on the GPX series

they are hands down the best.

If you do that, you will quickly realize that your particular settings are dictated by the kind of ground you are detecting on.

The variety of settings that are possible is because there are huge differences in the mineralization in various types of ground.

Don't be put off by what I'm saying

you will find that your knowledge will increase fast

and you will soon have the confidence to go ahead and try your own settings.

In the meantime the factory presets are a good starting point to begin with.

All the best and good luck!


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